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ADAPT is a portfolio of personal development schemes run by the ACO which aims to build a more resilient and risk-tolerant academic community through programmes targeted at researchers.

We have created some videos in partnership with Dr Sue Watson, designed to help give you some coping strategies during this difficult time.

ADAPT to Grow is an innovative online coaching scheme for early career scientists. This scheme addresses common concerns about navigating working relationships, recovering from setbacks and planning your future career path.

ADAPT to Lead is an arts-based leadership programme run in coordination with SLASH Knowledge Exchange and Enterprise. The programme aims to enable newly independent researchers to lead teams with authenticity, integrity and resilience.

ADAPT to Thrive is an event series promote for early and mid-career researchers where their peers and senior colleagues share their experiences on how they failed and lived to tell the story. Taking risks and failing is an integral part of building a research career. The scheme aims to normalise speaking out about failure, reduce stigma and shift the perception of risk to promote new approaches to work. 

Similar to ADAPT to Grow, this scheme offers resiliance building supper to techincians/technical staff at UCL.