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ACCELERATE Potential is an online, self-paced, open-access short course covering an introduction to translational research, how to get started, and where to find support.

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ACCELERATE Potential is hosted on UCLeXtend – UCL's externally facing short course site. 

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About the course

ACCELERATE Potential is self-paced – go through it in your own time to: learn about the skills and strategic elements needed to progress a translational research project; hear insights from researchers who are impacting healthcare with their research; and to reflect on how you might widen the impact of your work in healthcare. The course is openly accessible to all at UCL and outside UCL. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of this online course, participants will:  

  • Reflect on how they might make their research more translational to achieve further impact. 
  • Identify where to go for support for translational research.  
  • Recognise the skills and strategic elements that are necessary to successfully translate a scientific idea to a healthcare setting.  
  • Recognise common challenges of translational research and that it is often a non-linear process.  
  • Describe the general translational research pathway and recognise that there are variations to this process for different therapeutic modalities.  
Time commitment and certificate 

The course will take approximately 5 hours to complete (you can do this in one or multiple sittings) and those that complete all required activities will qualify for the course certificate of completion. We encourage you to use the course as an online collection of useful resources to refer back to as you navigate through your translational research journey. 

Each section of the course contains material and activities that are numbered to indicate the order in which you should ideally progress through them, but you are also able to navigate directly to sections of interest, in any order, from the homepage. A recommended (but approximate) amount of time to spend on each numbered item is highlighted.  

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