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Sustainable Cities

The UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities examines one of the most urgent issues facing the world today: increasing and relentless urbanisation.

The UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities has supported 38 small research projects and counting since 2010, on a range of topics including creating healthy cities, finding solutions to urban water shortages, protecting a city’s heritage and understanding the impacts of graffiti. Find out about some of the projects we have supported so far and what impact they have had.

Sustainable Cities is one of six UCL Grand Challenges – find out more about how the whole programme works.

GCSC Current Activities

Current activities

Find out more about our current activities. 


Our impact

Find out more about our impact. 

Who we are

Who we are

Find out more about who we are and how to contact us

Our past work

Our past work

Find out more about our past work. 

Sustainable Cities News

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