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Undergraduate Medic testimonials

Teaching is at the heart of the UCL Institute for Global Health's work, as reflected in these student testimonials.

BSc (Hons) Global Health 

When choosing an iBSc, I had no idea that the decision to study Global Health would change everything I thought about medicine. Having spent a year being challenged, encouraged and inspired by some truly fantastic lecturers, I can confidently say this was the best academic decision I have ever made. My knowledge of the social, political and economic factors affecting health around the world has improved enormously, and I have gained analytical and debating skills which will be valuable in every career. Studying Global Health will undoubtedly change my future career path, and has opened my eyes to the range of possibilities that exist within medicine which would have otherwise passed me by. Choose Global Health- your only regret will be that it's over too soon!
Laura Balson (2012-2013)

The iBSc in Global Health has proved a fantastic way in which to intercalate. The course and teaching style is not only well organised, but clearly has been well thought out, with much opportunity for active student involvement in lectures and tutorials; the commitment and energy of the tutors are second-to-none. Studying a subject for a year different to the medical science from the first two years of the medical degree has been a welcome change, and I am confident that the skills I have gained this year will prove invaluable for my future career as a doctor, abroad and in the UK.
Paul Morillon (2012-2013)

The Global Health iBSc has been the most interesting and challenging year of medical school so far. In a medical degree where a lot of emphasis is put on factual learning, this BSc taught me to challenge ideas and think for myself. Not only do you learn so much about health as a broader concept rather than simply seen through a medical lens, but you are taught to critically analyse, discuss and argue a point, and more importantly how to see things from different perspectives. Furthermore, this degree has opened my eyes to a whole new range of medical careers. I cannot recommend it enough!
Alexandra Beeley (2012-2013)

Opting for the iBSc in global health was the best choice I could have made. The social science and policy perspectives that it teaches aren't just a refreshing break from biomedicine, but help build self-confident and critical thinking students who are more aware of global issues. The standard of teaching is world class and most lecturers have first-hand experience of the health issues that face the poorest and most vulnerable people on the planet. The emphasis of teaching is strongly on group work and tutorials, allowing time for students to construct their own opinions and thoughts. Syllabi have been well thought out and developed using student feedback and assignments are structured in a manner that develops the student rather than simply assesses their factual recall. Overall, I can't recommend the Global Health iBSc strongly enough.

Mark Shaw (2013-14)

The iBSc in Global health has been an incredibly valuable year and I am certain it will make me a much more well-rounded doctor. Global Health offers a very unique approach to evaluating medicine and provides an understanding of the complexities of how the world works. All of the teachers provide high quality, stimulating teaching as well as being approachable and friendly. I definitely picked the right option for my iBSc, I only wish it was longer!

Luke Johnson (2013-14)

BSc (Hons) International Health 

"The International Health BSc has been my best year of medicine so far. Some people call social science intercalated degrees like this one called a soft option; ignore them! The course challenges: it teaches critical thinking, how to understand complex global issues which affect human health, and how to reason with quantitative evidence. These kinds of skills are not learnt studying scientific BSc's and so I have a highly competitive advantage over my peers in my future career. The year has left me confident to rise to the challenge that global health poses to modern medical professionals. The BSc is ideal for anyone with a prior interest in global health, or people like me who read into current affairs and are interested in the social, political and economic factors affecting health.  Be prepared for the course to open your eyes!"
William Burch (