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The Centre for Population Research in Sexual Health and HIV Research Projects

Short TitleFull TitleName of PIStart/End DateCurrent/Completed/Archived
CASCADEAn investigation into the medical and lived experiences of people with recently acquired HIV in Europe and Canada.Kholoud PorterJanuary 2022 - December 2024Current
Sixhumene: we are connectedSixhumene: Using social networks to understand and intervene on HIV epidemic spreadGuy Harling

January 2019- December 2024

Kaya: homeKaya: The Complexity Of Informal Caregiving For Alzheimer's Disease And Related Dementias In Rural South AfricaGuy HarlingJanuary 2019 - December 2023Current
SEQUENCE digitalSEQUENCE digital - Sexual health equity through evidence-based online clinical care (Improving sexual health for all, in a digital NHS)Claudia EstcourtNovember 2020 - November 2025Current
BHIVA COVID-19 RegistryBritish HIV Association (BHIVA) COVID-19 RegistryCaroline SabinOctober 2020 - ongoingCurrent
Association of HIV with outcomes of COVID-19 hospitalization outcomesOutcomes of COVID-19-related hospitalization among people with HIV in the ISARIC World Health Organization (WHO) Clinical Characterization Protocol (UK)Caroline SabinMay 2020 - ongoingCurrent
UK community survey of COVID/HIVCommunity Survey of the experiences of COVID-19 on people living with HIV in the UKCaroline SabinJune 2020 - ongoingCurrent
ASSISTAssessing the impact of introducing online postal self-sampling for sexually transmitted infections into sexual health provision within the UK on health inequalities, access to care and clinical outcomesFiona Burns and Jo Gibbs1st January 2021 to 31st March 2024Current
Engaging Sexual StoriesWellcome Trust Research Enrichment Public Engagement project to create evidence-based tools that will empower people of all ages to improve their knowledge of sex and relationships, their sexual health and wellbeing. It also aims to demonstrate proof-of-concept around novel mechanisms for engaging the public with Natsal and science more broadly.Cath MercerJan 2021-June 2022Current
LUSTRUMImproving the sexual health of heterosexual people and men who have sex with men by preventing transmission of sexually transmitted infections and reducing undiagnosed HIV: a mixed methods programme of researchClaudia Estcourt Current
 Natsal-COVID StudyNigel FieldJuly 2020Current
NatsalThe National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles ResourceCath Mercer/Pam SonnenbergLate 1980s - April 2025Current
Positive ChoicesPhase-III randomised controlled trial of Positive Choices: a whole-school social-marketing intervention to promote sexual health and reduce health inequalitiesCath MercerApril 2021-December 2023Current
Maximizing preventionMaximizing combination HIV prevention, uptake and retention by adolescent girls and young womenMaryam ShahmaneshSept 2017 - Jul 2022Current
HAALSI South AfricaHealth and Aging in Africa: Longitudinal Studies of an INDEPTH Community in South AfricaGuy HarlingSept 2013 - May 2022Current
m-Africam-Africa: Building mobile phone-connected diagnostics and online care pathways to support HIV prevention and management in decentralised settingsPam Sonnenberg/Maryam ShahmaneshApr 2017 - Mar 2019Completed
Causal pathwaysCausal pathways to antiretroviral treatment impact on population healthGuy HarlingSept 2015 - Jun 2020Completed
Nouna ARISE studyThe African Research, Implementation Science and Education (ARISE) Network adolescent health study, Nouna Burkina FasoGuy HarlingAug 2017Completed
CRSN Heidelberg aging studyThe Centre de Recherche en Santé de Nouna and University of Heidelberg Aging studyGuy HarlingAug 2017Completed
CRSN health facility studyCare Provision for Cardiovascular Non-Communicable Diseases in Nouna, Burkina FasoGuy HarlingAug 2017Completed
CRSN messaging pilot studyThe Centre de Recherche en Santé de Nouna and University of Heidelberg Public Health Messaging Formative and Pilot StudyGuy HarlingAug 2017Completed
Dar barmaids Heckman validationValidation of interviewer identity in adjusting for selection bias due to missing HIV outcome dataGuy HarlingJun 2014 - May 2019Completed
Dar barmaids PrEP deliveryDemonstrating service delivery models for effective initiation and retention on Pre-exposure prophylaxis among Barmaids in Dar es SalaamGuy HarlingAug 2017Completed
ZESTA peer educator-delivered HIV self-testing intervention for female sex workers in Zambian border townsGuy HarlingJan 2016 - Dec 2017Completed
eSTI2Electronic self-testing instruments for sexually transmitted infectionsPam SonnenbergFeb 2011 - Jan 2016Completed
HSPOTThe Causal Impact of HIV Self-Test Kits on HIV Testing Among Female Sex Workers in Kampala, UgandaGuy HarlingJan 2016 - Dec 2017Completed