Institute for Global Health


List of Centre Research Projects

Short TitleFull TitleName of PIStart/End DateCurrent/Completed/Archived
 Design, analysis and reporting of stepped wedge trialsAndrew Copas Current
 Open-cohort designs for cluster-randomised trials in institutional settings: A methodology bolt-on to DCM-EPICAndrew Copas Current
 Latent class analysis to investigate the association between depression and chlamydia infectionAndrew Copas Current
 Dose rationale for antibiotic combination therapy infectious diseasesFrank KloproggeJun 2017 - May 2020Current
UK-Korean partnership for a TB cohortLondon & Seoul: tuberculosis patient cohorts to understand treatment responseFrank KloproggeMay 2019 - April 2020Current
 Dose rationale for antibiotic combination therapy in infectious diseasesFrank KloproggeJune 2017 - June 2020Current
 Integrating pharmacological modelling with conventional microbiologyFrank KloproggeJanuary 2019 - December 2022Current
 An open-source database for predicting pharmacokineticsFrank KloproggeAugust 2019 - July 2020Current
DESIGN TrialDetection of small for gestational age fetus - a cluster randomised controlled trial to evaluate the effect of the growth assessment protocol (GAP) programmeAndrew Copas Current
Contraceptive Choices TrialImproving the acceptability and uptake of LARC to young womenAndrew Copas Current
CATAPULT TrialCan latent tuberculosis infection be treated effectively and safely in primary care? A cluster randomised trialAndrew Copas Current
 Effect of non-monetary incentives on uptake of couples' counselling and testing among clients attending mobile HIV services in rural Zimbabwe: a cluster-randomised trialAndrew Copas Completed