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Mental health

At UCL, we combine our strengths in neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry, population health sciences and education to tackle mental health in cross-disciplinary collaboration.

A hub of mental health excellence

450 million people worldwide live with a mental health condition. To help turn the tide on what is a global crisis, UCL is harnessing its wealth of expertise in basic, clinical and social sciences, unmatched NHS partnerships, and substantial convening power as an internationally renowned research university.

Our academics are uncovering groundbreaking research insights and gamechanging new treatment innovations. Their pioneering expertise is already shaping mental health clinical practice and policy at global, national and local levels.

And through our outstanding education programmes, we are nurturing the next generation of professionals and leaders in the field, equipped to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of mental health.

Donors who invest in UCL’s powerful mental health community will work with us to transform how mental health disorders are prevented, diagnosed, and treated. 

This is a time for optimism: we move forward more committed than ever to harnessing the combined strengths of UCL to help reduce the burden of mental disorders.”


Professor Anthony David, Director and Chair, UCL Institute of Mental Health

Drive innovation in mental health

For more information, please contact Sarah Medd-Phillips, Associate Director of Development (Health Faculties): +44 (0)20 3108 9160 or s.medd-phillips@ucl.ac.uk

The UCL Institute of Mental Health

Established in 2019 and led by Professor Anthony David, the UCL Institute of Mental Health integrates UCL’s vast mental health strengths in the first institute of its kind, bringing together more than 200 principal investigators working in the field.

Launched to ensure that UCL’s wealth of expertise and resources are joined up, rather than restricted to disciplinary silos, the institute works to enable outstanding interdisciplinary research, facilitate promising early career researchers to dedicate themselves to mental health, promote joined-up approaches between research and practice, and to enhance infrastructure across UCL. 

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Between 15-21 May 2023, we marked Mental Health Awareness Week. This year, we joined with UCL's multi-disciplinary experts to shed new light on six topics:

  • Spotlight on 'Anxiety'
  • Multidisciplinary thinking and collaboration
  • Our 'lifespan' approach to mental health
  • Big data
  • Delivering better outcomes for all
  • Training the next generation

Mental Health Awareness Week 2023


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Our researchers

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Discover our Mental Health Researchers Directory

UCL's Mental Health Researchers Directory enables you to find UCL experts across 18 key areas of our expertise.

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Our donor community

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Social prescribing research project to address children and young people’s mental health

UCL researchers will co-design a new programme of social prescribing to treat mental ill-health in children and young people, thanks to a philanthropic grant from the Prudence Trust.

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