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We're approaching the study, treatment and management of cancer from all angles. When a donor makes an investment in cancer research at UCL, they help accelerate the journey to greater understanding, smarter diagnostics, kinder treatments and less cancer.

Developing cancer therapies of the future

Our vision at UCL is nothing less than a total transformation of cancer treatment as we know it today. Few institutions have the expertise, history of success and specialist infrastructure to carry out the pioneering research and clinical trials needed to drive forward cancer research today. UCL does, and we are committed to realising a future in which the burden of cancer is dramatically reduced.

Join us in making an incredible impact on the lives of patients around the world, now and in the future.

In the next 10 years we have the ambition to transform the way we think about cancer and build on our groundbreaking research into biotherapies and personalised treatments.

” - Professor Tariq Enver, UCL Cancer Institute Director

“CAR T-cell therapy has transformed my life beyond words. If anyone is thinking of donating money towards the trials, you have to remember how much it affects individual people. People are now starting to realise there’s a chance you can have some treatment and beat this stuff. It used to be that if anyone mentioned the ‘c’ word, everyone assumed it’s the end game, but things are changing and that’s amazing.

The main thing I’ve gotten from this is a chance to live life again, and start doing things I love to do again. Had I not done the UCL trial, all of that would have been taken away from me.” - Scott Davies, UCL clinical trial patient


Cancer expertise at UCL

  • UCL is one of Europe’s largest centres of biomedical research, and 1st in the UK for research power in medicine, health and life sciences (REF2021).
  • The UCL Cancer Institute is home to over 400 scientists working together to drive forward better treatments for people with cancer
  • UCLH is a top NHS Trust comprising 11 hospitals, including University College Hospital and Macmillan Cancer Centre.
  • In March 2021, UCLH was named a Tessa Jowell Centre of Excellence in recognition of its world-class brain tumour service.
  • UCLPartners gives us access to more than 40 higher education and NHS organisations, bringing together 100,000+ health professionals and academics, and 8 million+ patients.

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Our expertise

Hear from seven UCL researchers who are paving the way in key areas of cancer research - from immunotherapy to CAR T-cell therapies - in Portico magazine.

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