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Shunya Kimura

Research Title

A Classification of Online Gambling Behaviour in Great Britain

More about Shunya
  • 2021 - Present: PhD in Human Geography (ESRC Funded), University College London
  • 2018 - 2021: BA Geography with Quantitative Methods, University College London

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Conferences and talks

  • 30th Conference on GIS Research UK (GISRUK), University of Liverpool, April 2022. Oral presentation.
  • CDRC Data Partner Forum 2022, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, November 2022. Oral presentation.
  • GambleAware Annual Conference 2022, King's Fund, London, December 2022. Poster presentation. 
Research Interests

There is no universal consensus on how a ‘problem gambler’ is conceptualised and measured. This ambiguity makes it challenging for policy makers to effectively target and track public health interventions.

 My project focuses on reconciling survey and consumer data, together with small-area geodemographic datasets, to devise a composite geodemographic classification of ‘risk of gambling harm’ that brings together the salient characteristics of three different approaches in conceptualising the problem – public health domain, self-perceptions and observed behaviours.


This project aims to provide a more comprehensive and nuanced picture of online problem gambling in Great Britain. By creating a tool that is open to scrutiny and transparent, it can be used by stakeholders to make better decisions on preventing and mitigating gambling harms at a local level across Great Britain.

  • UCL, Bloomsbury and East London (UBEL) Doctoral Training Partnership (DTP) in collaboration with GambleAware