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Rob Davidson

Research Title

An Atlas of Health and Social Inequalities

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Academic Background

  • October 2022 - Present: PhD in Human Geography
  • 2019 - 2022: BSc in Philosophy, Politics and Economics with Social Data Science

Work Experience


I am a Postgraduate Teaching Assistant on the following module(s):

Research Interests

In response to a failure in UK policy to reduce persistent health and social inequalities, there are increasing calls for researchers to communicate evidence more persuasively and engage the public. Good data visualisation, it has been shown historically and through empirical studies, is useful for both. However, there is relatively little understanding of how we can maximise the potential for data visualisation in this context.

This research project aims to understand how data visualisation is currently used to communicate health and social inequalities in the UK; identify the key challenges facing the people who produce and consume these graphics; and present some opportunities for improvement. Especially pertinent themes include how we can more effectively communicate uncertainty and the use of narrative in data visualisation.

Research Grants, Prizes and Awards
  • Dean's List for academic excellence 2022 (Faculty of Social and Historical Sciences, UCL)