UCL Department of Geography


Index of Arrangements for Hazards and Activities

These written arrangements for the Department of Geography have been drawn up under the authority of the Head of Department to correspond with the work hazards and activities under his control.

This page was last reviewed in January 2024. This content is currently under review.

The Head of Department hereby acknowledges that he is responsible to the Provost and President for the implementation of UCL’s corporate health and safety arrangements wherever they apply to the department. Details are given of Codes of Practice, Departmental Guidelines and contacts and recommended control measures for activities carried out for/by members of the Department. They will be reviewed at least annually. All members of the department should make themselves aware of these arrangements and check for changes at the start of each academic year. Any changes made to these arrangements at other times of the year will be communicated via email. Where the document reference is given as "lab manual", this can be found on the departmental lab pages.


Document Reference

Date Last Reviewed

Accidents and Incidents1June 2018
Allergens2June 2018
Biological AgentsLab ManualJune 2018
Building Maintenance3June 2018
CarcinogensLab ManualJune 2018
ChemicalsLab ManualJuly 2017
Compressed GasesLab ManualJuly 2017
Consultation4June 2018
Contractors5Sept 2018
Control of access6June 2018
Co-operation between organisations7June 2018
Cryogenic substancesLab ManualJuly 2017
Dangerous goods transportation8June 2018
Disabilities9June 2018
Display screen equipment10June 2018
Electricity11June 2018
Emergencies12June 2018
Events13June 2018
Exhibitions14June 2018
Fieldwork15June 2018
Fire16June 2018
First aid17June 2018
Gas monitors and detectorsLab ManualJuly 2017
Integrating incoming groups18June 2018
Inspections19June 2018
Inspection, testing and maintenance of engineered safety equipment20June 2018
Ionising radiationLab ManualJuly 2017
Laboratory work21June 2018
Lone working22June 2018
Manual handling23June 2018
Noise24June 2018
Non-ionising radiations, e.g. UV and microwave emittersLab ManualJuly 2017
Office work25June 2018
Out of hours working26June 2018
Permits to work27June 2018
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)Lab ManualJuly 2017
Placements28June 2018
Pregnant workers29June 2018
Purchasing arrangements30June 2018
Record keeping31June 2018
Resourcing for safety Management50June 2018
Review of safety management arrangements32June 2018
Risk assessment33June 2018
Safety committee34June 2018
Safety policy distribution and display35June 2018
Sensitisers36June 2018
Signage37June 2018
Slips, trips and falls38June 2018
Social events39June 2018
Soldering and weldingLab ManualJuly 2017
Spill proceduresLab ManualJune 2018
Storage40June 2018
SubstancesLab ManualJuly 2017
Supervision41June 2018
Safety Training42June 2018
Unattended or overnight processesLab ManualJuly 2017
Vacating UCL premises43June 2018
Vehicles44June 2018
Violence45June 2018
Visitors and members of the public46Sept 2018
Waste management47June 2018
Working at heights48June 2018
Working in the open air49June 2018
Working with Boats51June 2018
WorkshopsLab ManualJuly 2017