UCL Department of Geography


Information for Academic Visitors

UCL Affiliate Academics

The Department welcomes academic visitors from all parts of the world whose stay will be of mutual research benefit to the individual and the Department. The UCL scheme is intended for academics from overseas who wish to spend a period of time at UCL, normally not less than four weeks and not more than one calendar year, pursuing their own research, either individually or in association with members of UCL staff in related fields of interest.

Eligibility for Acceptance

Affiliate Academics accepted by UCL are persons normally holding established academic posts overseas in institutions of higher education, or occasionally in industry or business. Admission to UCL is based upon an application to pursue work in a particular field of research in one of UCL’s departments, with collaboration and consultation with members of the Department as appropriate.

You are advised to apply in sufficient time to allow you to make arrangements to come to UCL, meeting any immigration requirements, should your application be successful.

Procedures and Records

Application is made to the Department of Geography, usually directly to the academic within the Department who will act as the host and who will consult the Department Manager on the application. The Affiliate Academic will be asked to complete an application form and provide an up-to-date Curriculum Vitae and a statement of their proposed research.

Once the Head of the Department has approved the visit, the request will be passed to UCL Human Resources who will write formally to the applicant to invite him/her to visit UCL as an Affiliate Academic. The Affiliate Academic will have rights to use UCL libraries, a UCL ID card, an IT account and the use of small office space on a ‘hot desk’ basis. Since car parking space at UCL is very limited, parking spaces are unavailable.

All Affiliate Academics will be expected to make a seminar presentation to staff and students during their visit.

Fees and Expenses

Fees apply for the use of the University and Department facilities and are calculated on a pro-rata basis. For 2019-20 the affiliation fee is £5,210 (for a twelve month visit) and increases each year.  An invoice for payment will be issued shortly after arrival.

Fees cover:

  • Access and ID card
  • Reasonable use of postage and faxing
  • Internal and local telephone calls
  • IT facilities, photocopying and printing
  • Department contact and activities, eg seminars
  • Access to the University Library

Not covered:

  • Long distance and overseas telephone calls
  • Lab consumables costs
  • Equipment costs
  • Any other research costs

What to do next

You should make contact with the member of Geography who you wish to act as your host. Please note, we may not be able to accept all applications we receive each year.

IMPORTANT: Please note that it is the visiting academic's responsibility to arrange immigration, visas, accommodation and family issues. Non-EEA (European Economic Area) academic visitors will need to obtain appropriate immigration clearance. The Department does not process immigration applications.