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Environment, Politics and Society

The Environment, Politics and Society (EPS) cluster focuses on government, policy and practice across diverse fields including climate, energy, health, marine ecosystems, cities, diplomacy, war and security, and major citizen science initiatives. Taking up defining geographical concerns with materialities, and with interrelations between nature, the environment and social and political life, the group has made theoretical advances in our understanding of the Anthropocene and 'the event', as well as policy impacts, notably in marine planning.

The Group’s research interests feed particularly into the MSc in Environment, Politics and Society and the MSc in Conservation, which provide students with opportunities to study key theoretical developments, policy debates and practices in these fields at an advanced level.

Group Members
Extreme Citizen Science (ExCiteS)

The Extreme Citizen Science group explores how participatory science approaches can contribute to environmental management through an extended peer community.

The group focuses on citizen science – the participation of members of the public in different scientific projects. In particular, the group is involved in developing the methodologies, theories, and tools that will enable the inclusion of wider groups of stakeholders in environmental decision-making.

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