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Tyler Valiquette Awarded Next Economy Trust Fellowship

5 February 2024

We are thrilled to announce that Research Student Tyler Valiquette is one of two Geography students to be awarded the prestigious Next Economy Trust Fellowship.

Tyler Valiquette

The Next Economy Trust champions researchers from disadvantaged or underrepresented backgrounds, emphasising the intangible economy and fostering a global perspective on diverse capital.

Tyler secured the fellowship through his innovative work exploring the complexities of forced migration and its impact on queer Venezuelan migrants in Colombia and Brazil.

With over 7.7 million Venezuelans displaced since 2014, Tyler will utilise the £5000 fellowship to advance his PhD research, delving into the challenges faced by queer migrants within this population.

His project will investigate the coordination efforts among international, national, and local organisations in supporting LGBTQI+ individuals experiencing forced migration scenarios.

Inspired by his previous research with Casa Miga, a leading LGBTQI+ refugee shelter in Latin America, Tyler's work centres on the exploration of human rights, minorities, and migration dynamics.

Tyler emphasised the significance of his research, stating, "The causes and patterns of forced migration are increasingly intricate, dynamic, and challenging. It's crucial to focus on understanding the experiences of and responses to displacement, particularly for vulnerable populations."

He added, "This understanding will lead to a more coordinated response, supporting the needs of queer migrants who often face heightened levels of violence and discrimination based on their sexual and gender identities."

To aspiring scholars, Tyler offered valuable advice, "Read your emails! Ask your friends for feedback on your fellowship applications. And find a community of scholars that supports your work and offers advice, feedback, and their time."

Congratulations once again to Tyler for this well-deserved recognition of his dedication and commitment to impactful research.

Tyler is one of two Geography Research Students to receive the prize. Find out about Varvara Karipidou and her research.

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