UCL Department of Geography


Emeritus Professor Mackay recognised

5 June 2023

Professor Anson Mackay has been awarded the prestigious Royal Geographical Society (RGS) 2023 Victoria Medal.

Emeritus Professor Mackay receiving the Royal Geographical Society (RGS) 2023 Victoria Medal

In his address, RGS President Nigel Clifford played tribute to Anson’s research as one of the world’s leading environmental change scientists and highlighted his work on Lake Baikal and the Okavango Delta.

Nigel Clifford spoke of Anson as being an exemplary “lived researcher”, combining scientific excellence with being an inspiring teacher and mentor and creating a culture of inclusion, allyship and honest reflection.

His contributions to the discipline, to the Department of Geography at UCL and the RGS were also recognised.

Nigel Clifford summed up Anson's work as “changing conversations of what it means to be a Geographer today”.