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Exploring human influences on the atmosphere

22 October 2020

From high altitude sources to charcoal burning and the Covid lockdown

Exploring human influences on the atmosphere

Dr Eloise Marais has joined UCL Geography from the University of Leicester. She obtained her PhD from Harvard on a Fulbright Scholarship and continued there as a postdoc before moving to the UK in 2016.

She is an atmospheric chemist who uses chemical transport models and data from a range of sources (satellites, aircraft, balloons, surface sites) to detect human influences on air pollution, climate, and human health.

Eloise currently holds a European Research Council Starting Grant to develop new measurements for the chemical composition of the atmosphere and to determine how lightning, rockets, aircraft and other high-altitude pollution sources influence global air quality and climate.

In other projects her research group is also working with city councils and national government agencies to assess local and regional air quality in the UK; determining long-term changes in air quality in tropical megacities; assessing the environmental influence of the burgeoning charcoal industry in Africa; and gauging the impact of reduced activity during the spring 2020 lockdown on air quality in the UK.

Eloise serves on the International GEOS-Chem model Steering Committee and was recently appointed to the Boston-based Health Effects Institute (HEI) Global Health Oversight Committee.

For more about research underway in her Atmospheric Chemistry Research Group, visit its website.