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Getting early-career research published

20 November 2020

Joanna’s paper on past climate changes

Getting early-career research published

Joanna Tindall, a UCL Geography PhD researcher, has had a paper published by the PAGES Early-Career Network (ECN), which presents peer-reviewed blogs of the work of early-career researchers in the palaeosciences.

In the paper, Joanna discusses how her research in Orkney uses oxygen isotopes from ostracod shells to estimate past ocean temperatures and thus reconstruct abrupt climatic events over the last ~ 11,700 years.

Ostracods are bivalved microcrustaceans that have short life spans. Their carbonate-based shells thus make an excellent material for oxygen isotope analysis.

Joanna explains how these isotopic values may be used to examine past climate change and the importance of understanding such change when considering the present-day climate challenges we face.

Read Jo's paper