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Refuge in a Moving World

20 July 2020

Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh leads multi-disciplinary approaches to migration and displacement

Refuge in a Moving World

Professor Elena Fiddian-Qasmiyeh has edited a new book, Refuge in a Moving World: Tracing Refugee and Migrant Journeys Across Disciplines, drawing together more than thirty contributions from various fields of research and practice to explore ways of engaging with and responding to migration and displacement.

The volume combines critical reflections on the conceptual complexities of, often forced, migration with detailed analyses of contemporary and historical experiences from around the world. A key process is an active response to displacement by people who already possess personal or family experience of migration. They appear in many roles, as researchers, writers and artists, teachers, solidarians, first responders, NGO practitioners, neighbours and/or friends.

The book traces how different people, across religion, sexuality, gender and age, experience and respond to their own and other people’s situations in different local, national and international contexts.

Refuge in a Moving World argues that working collaboratively, and applying interdisciplinary approaches and methodologies, supports more nuanced understandings of processes of migration and displacement. These, in turn, encourage more sustainable strategies of adaptation to our moving world.

For a table of contents and pdf see UCL Press.

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