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Celebrating UCL Geography teaching

24 June 2019

Success at annual Education Award ceremony

Celebrating UCL Geography teaching

Every year, the UCL Education Awards recognise and celebrate the contributions of staff and students to the learning community.

This year UCL Geography wasfeatured in several of the awards at the 31st May celebrations.

  • Lena Fricker and Ananya Samuel jointly won the UCL Students’ Union Social and Historical Sciences Faculty Academic Representative of the Year award for their work as joint Lead Department Reps. From among 233 nominations, this was for their remarkable professionalism in communicating with both students and staff. They also made a positive impact in building the UCL Geography student community through the organisation of social events.
  • UCL Geography staff received a team award for the successful redesign and implementation of the new First Year Geography curriculum in 2018-2019.

Formally, the award goes to Helen Bennion, Andrew Harris, Jonathan Holmes, Tariq Jazeel, Anson Mackay, Johanna Waters and Jason Dittmer, although many more people were central to the reform through their teaching contributions and in the planning process.  In particular, the awardees wanted to highlight the contribution of Claire Dwyer, for planning the new Space and Society module before going on leave.

The group was particularly commended for showing the department’s commitment to the Connected Curriculum and ability to respond to student feedback.

It was also noted that the new course bridges with Geography A-Levels, helping First Year undergraduates to adapt to university and develop a sense of identity and attachment to the UCL Geography community.

  • Finally, David Thornalley was shortlisted for a Student Choice Award in Outstanding Research Supervision, highlighting his consistent and constructive feedback across all aspects of academic life, providing mentorship, support and patience to those he supervises.