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New UCL Geographers explore London

10 October 2018

Induction Week field trips breaking the ice

New UCL Geographers explore London

Escaping from the immersive experience of their first week of term, new UCL Geographers were treated to a selection of ‘urban walks’, exploring different aspects of London.

The first group visited Global Greenwich - From the Antarctic to the North Atlantic@Enderby Wharf, where Dr Ben Page introduced them to the history of part of the old port of London, as well as modern changes along the River Thames.

The second group, Exploring Bloomsbury and Kings Cross, led by Dr Jonathan Rock and Dr Andrew Harris, traced the history and remarkable modern transformation of areas close to UCL, including the old “railway lands” behind Kings Cross.

The City of London financial centre was the focus for the third group, led by Professor Peter Wood. They explored the heart of the City around the Bank of England, some surviving ‘Victorian’ alleyways, and the latest high-rise offices around the already-iconic ‘inside-out’ Lloyds Building and the ‘Gerkin’.

On a beautiful sunny day, the walks offered the new arrivals to London a hint of the geographical riches awaiting them across the city!