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Jack Wharton

Jack recently completed his PhD research on 'Thermal structure of the northwest Atlantic during the Quaternary' and is currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Paleoceanography with the Department.

More about Jack

Academic Background

  • 2023 - present, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Paleoceanography, University College London
  • 2018-2023, PhD in Physical Geography, University College London, thesis title: 'Thermal structure of the Northwest Atlantic during the last 25,000 years'
  • 2015-2018, BSc (Hons) Geography (First Class Honours), University College London, dissertation title, ‘Reconstructing AMOC over the past 7,000 years: Is the Industrial Era weakening an unprecedented event?’
Research Interests
  • Paleoceanography and paleoclimatology of the North Atlantic during the Quaternary 
  • Sedimentary and geochemical proxies including stable isotope and trace metal analysis of foraminifera, and sortable silt mean grain size analysis
  • O’Brien, C. L., Spooner, P. T., Wharton, J. H., Papachristopoulou, E., Dutton, N.,Fairman, D., ... & Thornalley, D. J. (2021) ‘Exceptional 20th century shifts in deep- sea ecosystems are spatially heterogeneous and associated with local surface ocean variability', Frontiers in Marine Science, 1376.