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Anna Hutchinson, MSc Global Migration

Meet Anna, a graduate from our MSc Global Migration course and, currently, an expert in helping financial institutions channel investments to create positive social and environmental outcomes.

Anna Hutchinson Testimonial

21 March 2024

She tells us about how her desire to carry out her own research, coupled with an interest in the research our academic staff conduct, led to her applying and eventually studying with us.

Why were you interested in studying an MSc in Global Migration? 

“I did my undergraduate degree at McGill in Middle East Studies and History where much of my coursework and research focused on the history of migration in the context of the politics of the Middle East and the cultural identity of Canada. 

“I was eager to continue learning and researching using alternate theoretical frameworks and benefit from the experts in the field at UCL.”

What was it that encouraged you to choose UCL to study it in? 

“Prior to joining UCL as a postgraduate student, I was aware of several of the professors on the course and was impressed by their research. 

“I also felt it would be interesting to study migration in a metropolitan city like London. It was really important to me to be able to conduct my own original research and undertake that in a strong research environment, like UCL.

What were the most interesting or engaging things you learned on the course?

Professor Tariq Jazeel’s module on Postcolonial Cultural Geographies [LINK] was one of the most formative experiences I had on the course. 

“Through the module I developed the capacity to recognise, value, and understand difference and nuance in new ways. 

“Becoming comfortable with the idea of a multiplicity of truths and forms of knowledge production has been invaluable to me both personally and professionally. 

“I also learned so much from the people I interviewed as part of my dissertation research. 

“My thesis examined discourses of Canadian hospitality, inclusion and diversity within the context of the private sponsorship of refugees programme. 

“I will always be very grateful to the private sponsors who gave me their time and insight about their experiences of helping refugee families resettle in Canada.”

Can you tell us about any particularly memorable experiences from your time as a Masters student with us?

“During my time at UCL, I had the privilege of convening a conference on Global Migration with my peers in the programme. 

“It was an amazing opportunity to make connections and learn from the department’s network of experts, practitioners and researchers. 

“I also had the chance to meet the director Gurinder Chadha at a panel discussing her film, Viceroy’s House. 

“Bend It Like Beckham had a huge impact on me growing up so it was incredible to see her speak about her work.”

What have you done since graduating and how has your MSc helped?

“After I graduated, I spent the first few years working for community-based organisations supporting refugees and migrants in London and the human rights education team at Amnesty International. 

“My work is now focused on supporting financial institutions to design and implement new ways of channelling capital towards positive social and environmental outcomes.  

"The Masters course prepared me with valuable knowledge about the systems within which people move. 

“The exposure to and interrogation of various and competing knowledge frameworks within the programme also gave me the language and the tools to ask, “what if we thought about this differently?”

“This question has shaped my career in hugely interesting and fulfilling ways.”

Would you recommend studying Global Migration in the Department and why?

“I would highly recommend studying Global Migration at UCL. The exposure to world-class academics, the UCL Geography department’s networks, and new ways of thinking about the world provides a rich and fulfilling experience.”

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