UCL Department of Geography


Charlie Curry, BSc Geography

Choosing UCL for its London location and global reputation, Charlie tells us about her degree and her hopes for after graduation.

BSc Geography student at UCL Geography, Charlie Curry

26 September 2022

The BSc focuses on a huge range of topics, including hydrology in the developing world, coastal environments, freshwater ecosystems and palaeoclimatology. The course is so flexible allowing you to focus on purely physical geography modules or dabble in some human modules if that also takes your fancy.

Putting theory into practice

“The course also gives you the opportunity to take modules outside of the Department. I took a geology module in my first year, for example. The dissertation, completed in the third year, allows you to specialise and engage with a topic which really takes your interest and has been one of the highlights of my degree!

“The two field classes (Mallorca and Greece) were amazing. The practical experience gained in the field supports and enhances the theories discussed in lectures. Also, I may be the only person to say this but I also thoroughly enjoyed my dissertation as it allowed me to specialise.

Transferable skills

“I have gained a huge range of skills from my degree. Firstly, I have gained experience in a number of different geographical programmes, including GIS, MIKE SHE and STELLA. Furthermore, I have learnt a number of techniques in excel and have gained the ability to write in a series of different formats including reports, informal blogs and literature reviews.

“I am hoping to stay at UCL to complete a Masters in Climate Change. The teaching and the support from the Department have been so good I can’t bear to leave! Once I’ve completed my studies, I’d like to have a career in climate change research.

“Apply now! You won’t regret it!"