UCL Department of Geography


Abigail Hill

Research Title

How can new sources of data be used to assess the vibrancy of British retail areas?

More about Abigail

Abigail has previously studied at the University of Essex and completed a BA in Criminology and an Msc in International Management. She has a keen interest in the use of applying the use of Geographic Information Systems to the discipline of Business Management.

  • Hill A (2016) 'What significance does the idea of the ‘active audience’ have for understanding the power of the media?'. IDEATE: The Undergraduate Journal of Sociology. vol.16. pp. 40-45.
  • Hill A (2017) 'What are some of the factors that influence public opinion on the impact of immigration on Finland and Hungary’s economy?' IDEATE: The Undergraduate Journal of Sociology. vol.17. pp. 24-36.
Research Interests

Consumer behaviour in the UK is rapidly changing with significant consequences for both the economy and wider society. Abigail's research will aim to improve our understanding of the spatiotemporal dynamics of the UK's retail high street industry with the intention of providing guidance for a vibrancy measurement framework for the promotion of business sustainability.