Dawes Centre for Future Crime at UCL


Smart Doorbell Evaluation

16 June 2022

Research summary

Previous research, including that conducted by the Dawes Centre for Future Crime, has identified crimes that might be facilitated by internet connected devices (the Internet of Things, or IoT) and what might be done to address such threats.  The IoT does, of course, also present numerous opportunities to reduce crime.  Smart video doorbells are one example, but there exists no independent evaluation of their effectiveness in preventing crime.  In this study, we are conducting a large-scale randomised controlled trial, which is funded by and being conducted in collaboration with, the Metropolitan Police Service.  The study will examine the impact of Smart video doorbells on crimes to include residential burglary, and other offences committed around the home.

Lead Investigator(s)
  • Professor Shane Johnson, UCL Security and Crime Science
  • Dr Alina Ristea, UCL Security and Crime Science
  • Dr Michael Frith, UCL Security and Crime Science
For information about this project contact

Shane Johnson (shane.johnson@ucl.ac.uk)