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UCL's Everyday Economy website brings together work, research and methods of studying everyday life and ordinary places.

What makes places ‘tick’? And is there a way to measure it?

There is growing recognition of the need to review and revise how we approach the economy. This is seen in current inquiries into socio-economic inequalities in the UK and debates about ‘levelling-up’ across the country.

The ‘everyday economy’ consists of important activities and services that provide the lifeblood of local economic activity. It includes place-based services, social care, and work that supports the community. But the value of ordinary, place-based activities is overlooked and ‘edge’ experiences can become invisible in statistical measures.

This project collates research on the everyday economy. It focuses on the less known dimensions of economic activity and the lived realities of everyday economic issues.

With this, we aim to kick start knowledge exchange on research in shaping places and explore the power of understanding place-based economic experiences.

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