Brazilian Translation Club

30 September 2019

ale motta

The Brazilian Translation Club is a series of workshops in which students, translators, and enthusiasts of Brazilian literature meet to discuss the translation of a selected contemporary Brazilian short story. It is is a partnership between Ana Cláudia Suriani da Silva, Senior Lecturer in Brazilian Studies, Department of Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies, UCL, and Nara Vidal, writer and owner of Capitolina Books (https://www.capitolinabooks.com/).

Anyone who translates from and into Portuguese or has some knowledge of the language is welcome. Each session a different member reads out their translation and leads the discussion. The sessions are fun and very productive. 

  • On the 6th workshop of the Brazilian Translation Club we worked on the translation of two short stories by Alê Mota. The guest translators were Nara Vidal and Gabriela Ruivo Trindade. 
  • The next workshop is on the 29 of October. Christina Baum will translate a short story by Xico Sá.