Dr Félix do Carmo (University of Surrey, UK), ‘What has technology ever done for translation?’

01 March 2021, 7:30 pm–8:30 pm

Dr Félix do Carmo

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Prof. Kathryn Batchelor

This event is part of the CenTraS Translation and Technologies Seminar Series 2020-21. 

Dr Félix do Carmo (University of Surrey, UK), ‘What has technology ever done for translation?’


The starting point of this talk will be a short account of the current state of translation technology, including the hype and expectations about the capacity of neural methods of machine translation and language analysis tools. From there, I will propose a definition of translation that helps to reframe technology as a set of tools to improve the efficiency of the translation process, rather than its effectiveness. To harness the potential of the available technologies, translation specialists (practitioners and scholars alike) may need to rethink their roles, their theories and their processes of work. This presentation aims at starting a critical discussion on how to adjust our understanding of the role that translation and translators may play in the near future, not as a reactive element in a technology-led process, but as the leaders of technological development.

About the Speaker

Dr Félix do Carmo

at University of Surrey, UK

Félix do Carmo is a Senior Lecturer in Translation and Natural Language Processing at the University of Surrey. After having finished his PhD at the University of Porto, where he was a Guest Lecturer, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher in Dublin City University, under a two-year EDGE-MSCA fellowship. For more than twenty years, he was a translator and a translation company owner in Portugal, and he has presented in several international conferences and published in international journals.

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