UCL European & International Social & Political Studies


Victoria Zuza (2014-2018)

As a second year ESPS student specializing in International Relations, French and German as well as being an academic representative on the course and actively involved in the activity of the UCLU European Society, I feel immensely fortunate to have chosen a degree that fits so well with my career pursuit and encapsulates all the things that I saw myself doing as a specialist in formation. The course structure really felt tailored to my needs. In first year we were given the opportunity to explore all the domains of the social and political sciences which later empowered me to feel confident in choosing the International Relations specialization. At the same time, I kept going with learning languages - a skill increasingly stressed by employers. Next year I will be going to Sciences Po, Paris and University of Vienna and the prospect of being a student not only at UCL, but also in other two highly prestigious universities in Europe is what makes ESPS truly exceptional. More than becoming knowledgeable in my chosen domain, I feel like I am given the opportunity to make my knowledge and skills more applicable. A challenging, rewarding and engaging experience.