UCL European & International Social & Political Studies



The Dual Degree gives you the wide-ranging employability of graduates in PPE or international relations, but with the added maturity of study in two different countries, and the advantage of fluency in a European language - essential for anyone seeking a career in a European context, and increasingly valuable for the financial sector or media posts.

ESPS and Sciences Po graduates combine specialised knowledge of a humanities or social science with a broad foundation in economics, law, history, sociology and politics and, importantly, proficiency in another language or languages. On top of this, they have the independence gained by studying in two countries.

In particular, students are able to demonstrate their aptitude for research by writing a research essay. This unique combination yields a significant advantage when it comes to securing funding for further research or getting a foothold on a competitive career ladder.

A wide variety of sectors are open to Sciences Po and ESPS graduates including auditing, finance, journalism and media.


The first cohort of students on this programme graduated in 2016; therefore no information about their career destinations is currently available. Please see first destinations of recent graduates (2013-2015) of the European Social and Political Studies BA at UCL for a selection of representative careers.

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