The Equiano Centre


The Equiano Centre

Please Note: The Equiano Centre operated between 2007 and 2017. Over the years it hosted research projects and initiatives, and a programme of public events including the launch of Queer Black Spaces in addition to curating exhibitions and educational materials. These resources remain available on the Centre's website. The website remains as a resource but will no longer be updated (18.04.2018).

This unique initiative has been established to create a focus for academic and community scholars and research students of all levels to come together and debate emerging and new ideas, theories and  research methods around subjects such as Black History in Britain, and theories of race, racism and anti-racism.

Queering Black London

In our work exploring Black history in Britain we have been particularly working to uncover, document and make visible Black LGBTQ histories within British history


Events that took place at the Equiano Centre