UCL Engineering Exchange


Our new Co-Directors' research themes announced

17 October 2017

The EngEx will dedicate extra resources to supporting three new research themes: green infrastructure, smart cities and the circular economy

The EngEx has been joined by three new co-directors, each of whom will be responsible for a specialised research theme. The intent of this change was two-fold: to increase the support the EngEx can offer London communities in tackling problems that concern them, and to give UCL specialists the opportunity to increase community engagement in their own work. The co-directors will develop their own community engagement, teaching and learning and internal outreach activities relating to their areas of academic specialism.

This means that in addition to the wide range of projects the EngEx supports relating to engineering and the built environment, there will be a more focussed approach to projects and events on specific themes, led by our new co-directors: 

Dr Aiduan Borrion is Lecturer in Sustainable Infrastructure, in UCL’s Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering. She is also the Engineering Exchange’s new Education Coordinator. She will focus on the circular economy and issues relating to waste and sustainable infrastructure.

Dr Ed Manley is a lecturer in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA) in UCL’s Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. He will focus on smart cities technologies and big data, including data visualisation, monitoring and modelling and how these can be used to understand processes of urban change.

Dr Carla Washbourne is a lecturer in UCL’s Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy. She will focus on evidence relating to green infrastructure including sustainable drainage systems. She will look at how they impact on air pollution, housing, regeneration, health, well-being and environmental quality.