UCL Engineering Exchange


Forum series: Health, Ageing and Wellbeing

23 February 2016

The second in a series of community research forum events looked at how problems such as climate change and air pollution impact vulnerable Londoners' health

Yesterday, the EngEx hosted the second in a series of three community reseach forum events, funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering's Ingenious awards for public engagement. The events are intended to connect community groups in London who are interested in improving their communities, with specialists in engineering and the built environment who have relevant skills and knowledge, and to catalyse new, collaborative projects in specific areas.

To achieve this, relevant specialists from UCL Faculty of Engineering and the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment, as well as London-based groups wanting support in various technical or scientific aspects of projects relevant to the event's theme were invited to participate. Participants then formed teams and pitched project ideas for funding and other research support.

The second forum focussed on the theme 'Health, Ageing and Wellbeing'.