UCL Engineering Exchange



How we work

The Engineering Exchange provides a ‘match-making’ service for community groups and engineering and/or built environment specialists to tackle problems facing London communities. We help with initial project scoping, and support where needed with achieving deliverables. We provide de-briefing at the end of the project, which may lead to further phases of work.

We've supported a range of projects looking at air quality, demolition of social housing, healthy ageing, neighbourhood planning, and commmunity energy, among other topics. Anyone is welcome to contact us with an idea or problem, but we may not be able to help with every project. Projects must have a clear engineering outcome, and both parties must commit to the length of the project. Our ability to help will depend on our contacts’ availability and skills.

Working with communities

If you are a community group in London with a project idea, a question we can help to answer, or a technical problem you want to solve, we would love to hear from you! 

We match community groups with engineers and built environment specialists, working together to find answers and solutions. We specialise in problems related to technology, infrastructure and the environment. This includes issues like energy, water, waste, air quality, information and communications technologies, noise, pollution, buildings, transport, mapping, etc.

Working with researchers and academics

If you are a researcher, engineer or built environment specialists interested in working with communities, please get in touch! 

We provide training in community work and advice on community-based projects. We also offer grant-writing support for EngEx-related projects. You can also help to expand our base of specialised knowledge and skills that we call on for specific projects.

How are we funded?

The Engineering Exchange is funded by UCL’s Faculty of Engineering and the UCL Bartlett Faculty of the Built Environment. We’ve also received public engagement grants from the EPSRCNERC and the Royal Academy of Engineering.

Social media

Follow us on Twitter @uclengex and visit our Facebook page.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) - privacy notice

Local privacy notice: Following revision of regulations relating to data protection in the UK in May 2018, the EngEx has reviewed our data management processes. In order to periodically inform our contacts of relevant news and events, we retain some personal data, including names and email addresses. We will never share this data with third parties. If you would like to stop receiving communications from the EngEx, please email us at engex (at) ucl.ac.uk with 'Unsubscribe' in the subject line. Please note that while every effort is made to manage our emails effectively and securely, we acknowledge that mistakes are sometimes made.

You can read more about UCL's General Privacy Notice