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Explore Econ 2017

Wednesday, 1 March 2017 

Organised by: CTaLE, UCL's Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics.

Keynote speaker: Paul Johnson (Director, Institute for Fiscal Studies)

UCL Economics hosted its third annual undergraduate research conference, Explore Econ, on March 1, 2017. The conference showcased independent work done by students from all years of the undergraduate programme, much of it outside of the curriculum. The work is presented in posters and presentations. In addition, the conference also showcased the winning contributions of our First Year Challenge, a multimedia film project.

FYC winning video

FYC winners



North Cloisters

Registration and Coffee


First Year Challenge Multimedia Presentations


Best of First Year Writing Assignments


Poster display

Dean Abele: Explaining cross-country differences in homeownership rates.

Samuel Fillinger: Collectible and classical cars.

Otso Hao, Roy Li and Adrian Segura: Leaning or cleaning? Monetary policy and asset price bubbles

Christopher Lee: The sky's the limit: Is vertical farming the solution for a sustainable future?

Nigel Lua and Agnieszka Madycka: Effect of trade liberalisation on a country’s degree of poverty alleviation: An analysis based on the textile and garments industry of Vietnam

Ziqi Meng: Does owning a house make us less happy?

Dooho Shin: Inequality of income distribution in the United States

Julia Veglesi: Is brain-drain a real danger for Hungary?


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Opening Address

Professor Anthony Smith, Vice-Provost (Education & Student Affairs)


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Session 1 Paper Presentations

Session Chair: Dr Michela Tincani

Ali Merali: Decision markets: Theory and applications

Thi Tran: A study of business investment in the US post-crisis

Justin Lam: Crave to herd: How well do we interpret information under uncertainty?

Benedykt Brzozowski: The effect of quantitative easing on inflation in the US


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First Year Challenge Presentations/Awards

Presented by: Professor Dilly Fung, Academic Director of UCL’s Centre for Advancing Learning and Teaching (CALT) and Professor Samuel Bowles, Research Professor at the Santa Fe Institute.

1st Prize Winners:

Samir Chadha, Nina Fabsikova, Maximilian Gerstenkorn, Mihai Ionescu, Jasmine Padda, Katie Rawlins, Max Spohn


2nd Prize Winners:

Hussain Al-Hakeem, Maxime Beysecker, Aaron Chugger, Tim Hickling, Kristin Higgins, Michael Jelly, Joel Sebamalai


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Session 2 Paper Presentations

Session Chair: Dr Ralph Luetticke

Ciprian Tudor: The Effects of inequality on firm-level interactions

Adam Nadzri: The impact of racial and religious diversity on trade union participation in the UK

Sanda Maria Grigoras: Analysing the role of NGOs in improving health and educational outcomes in rural Africa

Gerome Wolf and Yi Wei: Bee population dynamics and Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD)


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Coffee Break


Poster display


First Year Challenge Multimedia Presentations


Best of First Year Writing Assignments



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Session 3 Dissertation Paper Presentations

Session Chair: Professor Christian Gollier


Ruiqi Zeng: Effective competition inside an oligopoly: China's e-commerce market and its welfare implications.

Diana James: The effect of weakening the Hukou system on property prices in China: Empirical evidence from Shanghai.


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Keynote Address

Introduced by Professor Imran Rasul

Professor Paul Johnson (Director of the Institute for Fiscal Studies)


North Cloisters


Reception and Prize-giving

Judging panel

Professor Margaret Stevens, Oxford University (Professor of Economics & Head of Department of Economics)

John Ferguson, The Economist (Senior Economist at the Intelligence Unit)

Simon Gaysford, Frontier Economics (Director and Founding Member of Frontier Economics)

Dr. Valérie Lechene, University College London and Institute for Fiscal Studies (Reader in Economics (UCL) and Research Fellow (IFS))