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Explore Econ 2018

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Organised by: CTaLE, UCL's Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics.

UCL Economics will host the fourth annual undergraduate research conference, Explore Econ, on March 14, 2018. The conference showcases independent work done by students from all years of the undergraduate programme, much of it outside of the curriculum. This will be presented in posters and presentations. In addition, the conference also showcases the winning contributions of our First Year Challenge, a multimedia film project.

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Registration and Coffee

First Year Challenge Multimedia Presentations

Poster display


Opening Address

Professor Dilly Fung (Director, UCL Arena Centre)


Presentation session 1: Work and wages

Session Chair: Terri Kneeland

"Wage returns to education: Effect of job routineness on employer learning evidence across countries", Wen Jie Koh.

"The effect of globalization on the skill premium in the UK", Sofia Gallo.

"Internal migration and education performance", Jiangnan Liao.

14:50-15:10 First Year Challenge presentations/awards

Presentations session 2: Expectations and perceptions

Session Chair: Silvia Dal Bianco

"Exploring the political returns to education", Bethany Parker.

"How do consumer ratings influence an individual’s choices?", Adelson Teh.

"Estimating risk aversion in Singapore – 2 puzzles", Dan Chan.


Coffee Break

Poster and multimedia presentations


Presentations session 3: Aid, abortion, art, and drugs – Exploring different markets

Session Chair: Hyejin Ku

"What factors affect the demand for abortions?" Jihyeon Park.

"Explaining drug market trends and the UK’s alarming purity spike in cocaine", Hanna Lewis.

"Foreign aid in sub-Saharan Africa", Yusu Mao and Tao Chen.

"Art price appreciation in Germany during the Second World War", Ina Schucht.


#whateconomistsreallydo Ignite session:

Session chair Professor Jagjit Chadha, Director of NIESR

Academic Staff presenters: Eric French, Wendy Carlin, Ryan Kendall

Student presenters: Jasmin Manetta, Nikita Joshi and Marie Schwarzkopf


Reception and Prize-giving

Paper Presentations
Author(s) Topic Area
Wen Koh Wage Returns to Education: Effect of Job Routineness on Employer Learning Evidence across Countries Work and wages
Sofia Gallo The effect of globalization on the skill premium in the UK Work and wages
Adelson Teh How do consumer ratings influence an individual’s choices? Expectations and perceptions
Dan Chan Estimating Risk Aversion in Singapore – 2 Puzzles Expectations and perceptions
Jiangnan Liao Internal Migration and Education Performance Work and wages
Hanna Lewis Explaining drug market trends and the UKs alarming purity spike in cocaine Aid, Abortion, Art, and Drugs – #WhatEconomistsReallyDo
Jihyeon Park What factors affect the demand for abortions? Aid, Abortion, Art, and Drugs – #WhatEconomistsReallyDo
Yusu Mao and Tao Chen Foreign aid in sub-Saharan Africa Aid, Abortion, Art, and Drugs – #WhatEconomistsReallyDo
Bethany Parker Exploring the political returns to education Work and wages
Ina Schucht Art price appreciation in Germany during the Second World War Aid, Abortion, Art, and Drugs – #WhatEconomistsReallyDo
Poster Presentations
Authors Topics
James Kinder Does an individual’s level of happiness affect the size of their charitable donations?
Hau Leung Economics of Space Exploration: Modelling a centralized property right regime in outer space
Divyaasiny R rajaghantham Mathenomics? Economatics?
Hanzhe Lu Does higher funding for higher education causes a fall in income inequality?
Hadera Burki Is soda tax the right way to deal with UK’s obesity problem?
Jonas Stelzer Chancellors and the German Economy: An Economic Exploration
Judith Tan The effect of economic development on levels of sexual harassment
Aryan Heydari How the effectiveness of economic sanctions is evaluated and what is the role of smart and targeted sanctions in increasing the efficiency of imposed sanctions?
Ruiqi Zhang, Shichen Liu, Xiang Zeng The impact of using cryptocurrency as an online transaction method on e-commerce,
William Dallas and Dohoo Shin To what extent did investors’ expectations of the renewable energy industry affected by the election of Donald Trump?
 Charlotte Rogers Do males self-select into more competitive environments in education compared with females?
Judging panel

Dr Christian Spielman, Bristol University

Jonno Evans, The Cabinet Office

Angus Foulis, Bank of England

Roxana Slavcheva, The Economist


Medical Sciences 131, AV Hill LT

Registration and poster sessions will take place in the South Quad Pop Up Learning Hub. 

Both venues are directly opposite the Print Cafe.

Medical Sciences 131