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IFS Seminar - Jo Blanden

26 October 2022, 12:30 pm–1:45 pm

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Jo Blandon will present at this IFS Seminar.

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Christine Farquharson

'Do Non-Monetary Interventions Improve Staff Retention? Evidence from English NHS Hospitals'


Abstract: Excessive turnover reduces the stock of an organization's human capital. In the public sector, where wage increases are often constrained, managers need to leverage non-monetary working conditions to retain their workers. We investigate whether workers are responsive to improvements in non-wage aspects of their job by evaluating the impact on nurse retention of a programme that encouraged public hospitals to increase staff retention through data monitoring and improving the non-pecuniary aspects of nursing jobs. Employing rich employee-level administrative data from the universe of English NHS hospitals, and a staggered difference-in-difference design, we find that the programme has improved nursing retention within hospitals and decreased exits from the public hospital sector. Our results indicate that a light-touch intervention can shift management behavior and improve hospital workforce turnover. These findings are important in sectors affected by labor supply shortages, and they are especially policy-relevant in the health care context, where such shortages have potentially negative effects on patient outcomes.

Location: https://ifs-org-uk.zoom.us/j/86411830307

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