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CReAM Brown Bag seminar presented by Cécile Magnée

19 May 2020, 12:30 pm–1:30 pm

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The effect of the timing of testing on teacher assessments of migrant children.

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Tuan Nguyen


Room 321
Drayton House
30 Gordon Street

This paper investigates the effect of the timing of the primary school exit test on the teacher’s assessment of the level of secondary education for 1st generation non-Western migrant children. We exploit a policy change in a difference-in-differences setting using Dutch register data to check how this policy change affected the test scores and teacher assessments of these migrant students compared to other groups. ​We only find an effect of the policy change on the test scores of these migrant students compared to other student groups. In order to explain these findings, we take a look at the mechanisms underlying the policy change. The policy implementation resulted in (1) a 3 month delay in the timing of the exit test, (2) this resulted in taking the exit test after the teacher assessment was given, and (3) teachers could only adjust their assessment upwards after the exit test scores became known. We find that the results are driven by the 3 month delay in the timing of the exit test.​

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About the Speaker

Cécile Magnée

at CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis

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