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New and nervous: why our Restorative Dental Practice MSc is ideal for young dentists

24 September 2018

Restorative dentistry work

by Neil Nathwani, Deputy Programme Director Certificate Level of Restorative Dental Practice MSc, Specialist Prosthodontist

Young dentists are being trained to be “safe beginners” when they qualify as practitioners, and it is not uncommon for them to wish to have been given more clinical exposure when they were dental students.

Upon qualifying as dentists, they immediately commence one year’s dental foundation training. This is the dentist’s first year in practice, where they practice under a mentor. After this brief period of supervision, many are then on their own, usually fearing the real world of practice. Many experience a lack of confidence in the many facets of clinical practice as their careers as independent practitioners begin in earnest. 

After spending a little time in practice, faced with clinical situations they have not seen before, they begin to identify worrying gaps in their knowledge and acumen

Our prestigious three-year Masters (MSc) in Restorative Dentistry is designed to help our colleagues gain confidence and also enhance and underpin their skillset. 

This programme is delivered in three flexible stages beginning from the basics, addressing gaps in their knowledge of restorative dentistry, with students developing their skills and expertise as they work their way up the ladder through the Certificate, Diploma and then the full MSc.

Throughout the programme, in addition to problem-based learning, students can expect to receive clinical case support and mentoring from experienced practitioners. In an open and supportive learning environment - with others in the same boat - the student’s understanding of restorative practice and confidence in delivering complete patient care is raised beyond undergraduate study. 

The first year of the programme, run by myself, Dr Neil Nathwani is at PG Certificate level.  During this year, students are supported to get back into the learning environment through small teaching groups with a high staff to student ratio. Students receive personalised feedback regularly in a non-threatening environment. 

Around 90 percent of students then go onto the PG Diploma level of the programme run by Dr Rob Stone. During this year students build on the skills acquired during the Certificate stage, focusing on more specialised procedures to provide high quality comprehensive treatment of patients. Students are led through this in a guided fashion, reassuring them of their confidence. They keep a clinical log book of cases, which, as they apply the skills they’ve learnt in their clinical practice, allows the tutors to oversee and feedback on what they are doing. 

During the third year of the programme, run by Dr Peter Fine students complete a dissertation project and achieve the full Masters qualification. 

This highly renowned course is invaluable for young practitioners who wish to enhance the knowledge and acumen that they have acquired during undergraduate and foundation training, and improve the level of care they can offer their patients and ameliorte their careers in a very competitive world! 

We look forward to welcoming you to our MSc in Restorative Dental Practice Programme.

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