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Popular Literacies and the First Historians of the First Crusade

25 October 2017, 5:00 pm–7:00 pm

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Medieval, Renaissance and Early Modern Studies seminar

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Institute of Advanced Studies
Gower Street
United Kingdom

Join us for the first meeting of the MREMS of 2017-18. We'll be kicking off with a discussion of Dr. Carol Symes' Past & Present article, and accompanying blog post about Popular Literacies and the First Historians of the First Crusade. Dr. Symes' work addresses broader questions of literacy, the use of vernacular, material culture, and what might be meant by the term feminist history. 

MREMS is an opportunity for students and researchers working on medieval, renaissance and early modern topics across a range of disciplines to meet up, discuss current research, present papers and work through research problems collaboratively. Throughout the year we'll be hosting talks, presentations, readings and study groups. It's a great opportunity to meet other people who work on similar topics and interests.

Come along to our first introductory session of the year to meet the group, have a drink and some nibbles, and join the discussion. The aim of this first session is primarily for everyone to get the chance to meet up, find out what topics people are working on, etc. So come along, even if you don't find time to get through the full article and blog post.

Article for discussion: Carol Symes, "Popular Literacies and the First Historians of the First Crusade," Past & Present, 235 (2017), 37–67     

Additional blog post (if pressed for time, you can start with this): http://pastandpresent.org.uk/radical-feminist-writing-first-crusade/