UCL Early Medieval Atlas


2016 Cambridge Workshop Historical Towns

5 October 2016

2016 Cambridge Workshop Historical Towns

Several members of the Early Medieval Atlas were hosted by The Cambridge Group for the History of Population and Social Structure for a two-day workshop on Defining and Identifying Historical Towns. Elsa Arcaute presented a paper entitled 'Retrieving patterns and regions from Domesday data using percolation theory', Stuart Brookes gave a paper on 'Planning and patterning in the Viking-age town', and Andrew Reynolds spoke about 'Spatial configurations of power in Anglo-Saxon England'.

Other papers discussed the problem of identifying towns in early medieval North Africa (Cori Fenwick), outlined approaches taken by the Cambridge Group Towns Project 1500-1911 (Richard Smith, Leigh Shaw-Taylor, Romola Davenport, Murat Guvenc, Berkay Kucukbaslar), and introduced delegates to the study of urban form in ancient and modern China (Changchun Feng, Yinan Zhang, Guangzhong Cao, Qiujie Shi, Feng Song, Ying Dai, Ningting Li, Ming Liu).