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Material Culture of the Built Environment

13 January 2016

Cover of 'The Material Culture of the Built Environment'

Volume II of the The Material Culture of Daily Living in the Anglo-Saxon World has been published, with contributions by several members of the EMA.

The Material Culture of the Built Environment introduces students of Anglo-Saxon culture to some of the realities of the built environment that surrounded Anglo-Saxon peoples through reference to archaeological and textual sources.

In Chapter 5 Michael Shapland examines 'The Cuckoo and the Magpie: 'The Building Culture of the Anglo-Saxon Church''

Chapter 7, by Sarah Semple and Howard Williams, is entitled 'Landmarks of the Dead: Exploring Anglo-Saxon Mortuary Geographies'

And in Chapter 10 John Baker and Stuart Brookes make a contribution entitled 'Signalling Intent: Beacons, Lookouts and Military Communications'