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New Book on Historic Landscapes

21 July 2015

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Andrew Reynolds has co-edited with Alexandra Chavarría Arnau a new book on Detecting and Understanding Historic Landscapes.

The origins of this book lay in the international summerschool "Detecting and interpreting landscape transfomations" held in the inspiring setting of the Euganean Hills south of Padua, Italy in September 2013. The variety of methods, techniques, themes and topics covered during the summerschool fairly reflected the current state of play in the field of landscape archaeology as broadly defined. As a result the publishing of this book was concieved to provide a practical guide to studying the archaeology of historic landscapes covering innovative approaches and methods, in the hope that it can serve as work of reference for archaeologist, academics and other professionals interested in the understanding of historic landscapes.

The book is composed of 16 chapters, written by outstanding international specialists, which allow the reader to understand how comprehensive research on historic landscape can be achieved. Special care has been taken in assuring the homogeneity of the different texts, which include separate illustrative case studies, box features and suggested further reading on the various topics in order to provide a useful tool for the teaching of landscape archaeology.