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IoA/BM Seminar Tim Pestell

23 January 2018, 6:00 pm–7:30 pm

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UCL Inst Archaeology, Room 612

Dr. Tim Pestell (Curator, Norwich Castle Museum): Norwich Castle Keep: A 12th Century Building Reinterpreted for the 21st Century

Norwich Castle Museum is focused upon its early twelfth-century Keep, one of the most architecturally sophisticated in north-west Europe. However, it has proven a challenge to interpret ever since it was converted from a prison into a museum in the 1880s, a problem that has been compounded over the years by the limitations of the Victorian architecture. Today, a £13 million redevelopment project is aiming to transform the Keep and reinterpret it for modern audiences. This talk will look at the ethical and practical issues of such a large project.