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Fourth Fragment :

Pictorial Material : Picture 1 | Picture 2 |

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Picture 1:

Now study this visual representation of Alva's rule in the Netherlands. Please click the image to identify the protagonists portrayed. The picture shows an engraving by Frans Hogenberg and is part of a set of four. It dates from 1572. The original engravings are held by the Stichting Atlas van Stolk in Rotterdam.

Image of Alvas rule

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Picture 2:

The so-called Spanish Fury at Antwerp (4-7 November 1576), committed by mixed bodies of troops in the Spanish service, was only the latest in a series of mutinies and attacks on the cities of the Low Countries. Mutinous troops destroyed 600 houses and killed 8,000 people. The sack of Antwerp, the Netherlands' largest city, was one of the worst atrocities of the sixteenth century and added to the 'Black Legend' of Spain. It was, after the capture of Den Briel, the central event in the Revolt of the Netherlands. Now study the visual representation of the Spanish Fury. >Click here for a translation of the caption and >click here for questions.

spanish fury

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