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Extracts of further readings are also available online, due to license
reasons for members of UCL only (login and password required).

I. The Revolt of the Netherlands (in English):

##Crew, Phyllis Mack, Calvinist Preaching and Iconoclasm in the Netherlands 1544-1569 (Cambridge, 1978) [>>PDF]

##Darby, Graham (ed.), The Origins and Development of the Dutch Revolt (Routledge, 2001) [>>PDF]

##Duke, Alastair, Reformation and Revolt in the Low Countries (London, 1990) [PDF]

##Gelderen, Martin van, The Political Thought of the Dutch Revolt, 1555-1590 (Cambridge, 1992) [>>PDF]

##Geyl, Pieter, The Revolt of the Netherlands, 1555-1609 (London, 1932; reprint 1988) [>>PDF]

Koenigsberger, Helmut, Politicians and Virtuosi: Essays in Early Modern History (London, 1985) [>>PDF]

##Parker, Geoffrey, The Dutch Revolt, rev. ed. (Harmondsworth, 1985) [>>PDF]

Smit, J.W., 'The Netherlands revolution', in R. Forster & J.P. Greene (eds.), Preconditions of Revolution in Early Modern Europe (Baltimore, Md., 1970), pp.1-55.

##Swart, K.W., 'The black legend during the Eigthy Years' War', in J.S. Bromley & E.H. Kossmann (eds.), Britain and the Netherlands, V (The Hague, 1975), pp.36-57.

II. Primary sources (in English):

Gascoine, G., 'The Spoyle of Antwerpe', in John Carey (ed.), The Faber Book of Reportage (London, 1987)

#Gelderen, Martin van (ed.), The Dutch Revolt, Cambridge Texts in the History of Political Thought (Cambridge, 1993) [>>PDF]

Kossmann, E.H. & A.F. Mellink (eds.), Texts Concerning the Revolt of the Netherlands (Cambridge, 1975) [>>PDF]

#Rowen, Herbert H. (ed.), The Low Countries in Early Modern Times (New York, 1972)

III. Websites:

For more original documents (in Dutch) check out the following website: @http://dutchrevolt.leidenuniv.nl [Multilingual website of the University of Leiden on the Dutch Revolt. The site offers primary and secondary literature, maps, bibliographies etc.]