Sources and Copyright



All attempts have been made to acquire permission to reproduce texts and pictures in this studypack. If you suspect that your work has not been acknowledged, please do not hesitate to contact the UCL Department of Dutch, so this can be rectified.

We would like to thank the following people and organisations for allowing us to reproduce their work:

  • AMVC Letterenhuis (afbeeldingen Brussel 1894, mars op Brussel en Willem 1, affiche talentelling, voorpagina Verhandeling op d’onacht der Moederlyke tael in de Nederlanden)

  • Dagbladmuseum (front pages Gazette van Gend)

  • Didier Willaert: VUB department of Demography (advice and publications)

  • Dirk Laeremans: (cartoon in de rand)

  • Pascal Laureyn: (quotes inhabitants Brussels)

  • Pierre-Yves Lambert and Mehmet Koksal: (pictures: electoral poster of Turkish ladies and poster on shop window)

  • Raymond Doms: het Crejateef Complot (lyrics De Zwetten Aman)

  • Sjef van der Wiel: uitgeverij Sun (fragment Eric de Kuyper)

  • Vlaams Belang (poster Brussel-Halle-Vilvoorde)

  • Flemish Parliament (maps regions and communities)

  • VRT archive (report Miss België from De Rode Loper, 20/12/05)