Dutch History at UCL



Previous occupants of the Chair in Dutch History have produced path-breaking, fundamental work on a wide range of topics in Low Countries History, including the Dutch Revolt, Anglo-Dutch relations, political theory, Dutch commerce, Dutch-Jewish history, and the early Enlightenment.

Today, research into the History of the Low Countries - including the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg - is pursued at UCL by:

  • Benjamin Kaplan
    Professor of Dutch History, who has published widely on the religious history of the Low Countries and of early modern Europe generally in the 16th-18th centuries. He works especially on issues of religious conflict and toleration, and has recently been awarded a Leverhulme Research Fellowship a project: project  'Cunegonde's Kidnapping: Religious Encounters in an Early Modern Borderland.  He has also been awarded a Fellowship by the Guggenheim Foundation.
  • Hans Demeyer
    Assistant Professor, who specialises in 20th Century Dutch and Comparative literature.
  • Ulrich Tiedau
    Associate Professor in modern Low Countries history and society,  who specialises in the history of the Benelux-countries in the modern era.

Low Countries History Seminar

The holder of UCL's Chair in Dutch History also (co-)convenes the Low Countries History Seminar at the Institute for Historical Research, part of the University of London's School of Advanced Study. Here scholars and students from across southern England gather to present and hear the findings of recent research. Scholars from The Netherlands and Belgium are regular participants.