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The sketches on this page have been generously donated by leading engineering offices. They represent a broad range of scenarios where freehand drawings are the preferred tool of the engineer.

Thanks to Andrew Scoones who initiated the Engineers Sketches competition at The Building Centre where these drawings were first exhibited.

Use the menu on the left to filter the drawings by type – you can click on sketches that you’re interested in to see the full size image and find out more.

Geyong Gi Do (Arup)

Environmental Strategy – Day

Martin Fowler (WEbb Yates) Stages one and two of eight stage construction

Stages One and Two of Eight Stage Construction Sequence of a Basement Structure

Ed Lowe ( Webb Yates) 3 D preliminary sketches small

3D Preliminary Details Sketch

Steve Webb (Webb Yates) Construction sequence of a monumental structure

Construction Sequence of a Monumental Structure

Balazs Bicsak (Price & Myers )

Assumed Proposed Construction Sequence in Garden Area

Mark Whitby

Bridge Design


Design Philosophy

Kethleen Ter (Price& Myers) Construction sequence of balcony

Construction Sequence of Balcony Scheme, Two Option Roof, Ground Floor, Roof Plan, Section

Kethleen Ter (Price & Myers) Indicative construction

Indicative Construction Sequence of Building Entrance From Existing to New

George Georgiou (Elliot Wood) Burning Man Margate

Burning Man Margate – Scheme Details

Eva Mac Namara (Expedition)

Fabrication of Arches in Bridge Design; Planar Geometry

Tomasz Michalski (Techniker) Scissor stair

Scissor Stair Study

Alastair Norris (Price & Myers)

Assumed Sequence of Construction From Existing to Proposed Building

Kevion Lyons (Lyons O'Neil) Structural actions in six stages

Six Stages of a Suspended Aeroplane

Raul Moura (BDSP) Concept Design of protective wing

Concept Design of a Protective Wing

2Steve Wiltshire(Ramboll)

Barma Valley

Kate Waldron (Ramboll) Scheme of work in sequence

Scheme Of Work In Sequence

Steve Webb ( WEbb Yates) Belgian Office roof section

Roof Section of an Atrium built from timber components

Roof Section of an Atrium


Stadium Roof Details – Main Truss Tip Connection

3Ed Clarke(Arup)

Serpentine Pavilion Structural Section

2Ed Hollis(Structure Mode)

Flat Pack Barrel Vault Using Cardboard Trays

1Justin Gathercole(Elliot Wood)jpg

Supermarket Structural Concept


Typical Details Slab Edge, Pile Head, Slab Step, Garage Slab Edge, Capping Beam

Phil Edkins Price & Myers Templeman Library Duct

Templeman Library Duct Sections

Peter Smith Elliot Wood Straw Bale House

Straw Bale House

John Hurle Ramboll Main Terminal Roof

Main Terminal Roof: Stability Column

Henry Murray Elliot Wood Proposed Steel Stairs

Proposed Steel Stairs

Boris Ma Webb Yates Sainsbury Bridge 1

Plan and elevation views.

Sainsbury Bridge

Francesco Ferrari Atkins Recreation Building Car Park

Reception Building Car Park

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