Teaching Engineers to Draw

About Drawing Gym

The Drawing Gym was conceived by Trevor Flynn. He uses techniques from the Drawing Gym in his teaching in the C.E.G.E. department at UCL to improve spatial literacy and communication skills in the next generation of engineers.

Trevor teaches skills that are enjoyable to practice, and that can be used in typical work scenarios.

“I founded Drawing At Work in 2004 to help large architectural and engineering practices improve their drawing skills.

This re-skilling was needed because recent generations of graduates had become totally computer dependent, and couldn’t express ideas visually off- screen. So the flow of ideas and information (that help establish the confidence and authority of the engineer) is inhibited”

He has been a drawing instructor in distinguished architectural and engineering companies for 10 years.

The Drawing Gym is rooted in these principles:

  • The ability to draw can be learnt and enjoyed by everyone
  • Drawing is a key tool in thinking and problem solving
  • Sketches are an instantaneous means of communication
  • Drawing is a mental discipline that stimulates cognitive growth